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02 February 2008 @ 07:49 pm
The NBC Nightly News (Saturday February 2, 2008) just reported that the WGA reached an agreement with networks, and the strike will be over sometime next week. AP picked up the story. Even Nikki said they might be close. Rumors are running rampant.

That’s it: rumors. THEY ARE JUST RUMORS.

And rumors are never the whole truth. Remember the last time we heard good “rumors” about the strike, back in November? The AMPTP walked from the table and didn’t return for over forty days. What’s to say that won’t happen again? Nothing. Because we just don’t know. Furthermore, remember that even if they reached a deal, it would still need to be voted on by the Guild, and analyzed by the lawyers.

Even if these rumors hold any truth, the strike isn’t over. Until then, please, refrain from getting your hopes up. Be patient. Don’t let the reports discourage you (that’s what they’re for).

So Enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow (Go Pats), and Enjoy the new House episode.